Tuesday, October 7

Harper launches his Coffee Table Book

Oops, I meant election platform, one week before the election date. Globe and Mail provides a nice summary description:

The document is entitled “The True North Strong and Free: Stephen Harper's plan for Canadians.” It's a slim, glossy, 41-page booklet printed in huge blue font and includes 22 colour photos of Mr. Harper.

It features loads of photos of Harper being the bid daddy in the blue sweater. He wants to bring back the real meaning of patriotism to Canadians: the word derives from the Latin patria or “fatherland”.

Big Daddy will kiss your children and keep your neighbourhoods safe from sex offenders. He’ll also be introducing initiatives that protect and reward pregnant women. Because Father Steve is all about the babies! Well except for those born to Aboriginal women – there’s nothing in the coffee table book for your First Nation and Inuit communities.

But moving on, Harper is offering tons of tax relief to corporations. In case you haven’t heard, Big Daddy is a full-fledged economist so he knows how to stimulate a collapsing economy. (In the film industry, we call that a fluffer.)

By taking a page out of Bush Jr’s nursery tale book policy book, we can be rest assured of a rosy and prosperous future. Oh in case you forgot, George has a Harvard MBA so we know he knows what he’s doing on the economic front. And just like his mentor, Harper encouraged Canadians to buy, buy, BUY. He meant stocks in particular, but shopping in general is always good.

Layton’s ads got it wrong. He may very well be about kitchen tables but Harper’s all over the coffee table.

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At 9:06 p.m., Blogger Simon said...

I didn't bother to read it...because I'm sure it's nothing I haven't heard before. You think it's EASY to memorize more than a few talking points? :)
As for all those pictures of Harper I find it delicious that this ridiculous personality cult is dragging them down like and anchor.
As for the True North Strong and FREE.Ugh.I don't know from what bizarre focus group that one came from, but I hope they didn't pay them too much. Oh wait.I do. I hope they paid lots and lots for it. Golly are these Cons DUMB...

At 11:09 p.m., Anonymous ann d said...

Last Christmas, a relative tried to give me the 2008 Stephen Harper (I mean CPC) calendar as a joke gift. I screamed in horror and re-gifted it immediately. That person re-gifted it immediately. It was like an impromptu game of holiday hot-potato.

At 1:04 a.m., Blogger Beijing York said...

I just got back from Nova Scotia and it was a treat to read the Halifax Chronicle, which unlike the Winnipeg Free Press, seems far more adept at covering the election at both the national and LOCAL level. People I discussed the election with were all anti-Harper. Food for the soul I tell you. Anyway Simon, it gave me hope that Canadians are not as dumb as Harper assumes.

Ann, that is very funny. Maybe we should start a similar game with Harper's platform :-)

Oh crap, I sure hope he loses. I don't think I can even stomach a minority with Harper at the helm.

At 7:57 a.m., Blogger Cliff said...

Hi Beijing, slightly off topic but you posted to my voter suppression post.

I thought you'd want to know someone took me up on my suggestion to start an anti voter suppression group - hopefully the kernel of a movement to oppose the restrictive new ID laws and organize Canadian ID drives similar to American voter registration drives.

Here's the link:


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