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Bang, zoom, straight to the moon!

In Michael Ignatieff’s recent mea culpa , not only does he acknowledge that he was wrong about the Iraq invasion but he reveals a humility that has endeared so many Canadian voters — not. Peppering his earlier paragraphs with quotes from the philosopher Isaiah Berlin, he faults his error in judgment on the academic’s propensity to view the world through ideas and knowledge rather than simple understanding of reality. This convoluted explanation of the difference between the intellectual and politician serves as some kind of proof that he has rappelled the walls of his ivory tower to embrace the simplicity of thought of the common man. And who better to represent that common man than Ralph Kramden!

“As a former denizen of Harvard, I’ve had to learn that a sense of reality doesn’t always flourish in elite institutions. It is the street virtue par excellence. Bus drivers can display a shrewder grasp of what’s what than Nobel Prize winners. The only way any of us can improve our grasp of reality is to confront the world every day and learn, mostly from our mistakes, what works and what doesn’t. Yet even lengthy experience can fail us in life and in politics. Experience can imprison decision-makers in worn-out solutions while blinding them to the untried remedy that does the trick.”

The “bus driver” has a shrewder grasp of reality because he bumbles along in life and picks up a few “what’s what” by learning from mistakes. You have to wade through some 15 or 16 paragraphs that grapple with the obstacles faced by politicians and the challenges of dealing with Iraq before Ignatieff actually and clearly acknowledges that he was wrong because others were less wrong. Those who were against the Iraq invasion were too common and simple to know they were right!?! How else can we interpret this:

“We might test judgment by asking, on the issue of Iraq, who best anticipated how events turned out. But many of those who correctly anticipated catastrophe did so not by exercising judgment but by indulging in ideology. They opposed the invasion because they believed the president was only after the oil or because they believed America is always and in every situation wrong.”

Ignatieff’s so-called apology is pompous and self-serving. In the paragraph that follows, he basically calls those who demonstrated good judgment callous cynics who didn’t suppose the human rights ideals that fueled his own belief that a free state could arise on the foundations of 35 years of police terror. His vision and good intentions, like those of Bush and such honourable Iraqi exiles as Ahmed Chalabi, were his failings? Ignatieff and his fellow neo-conservative pundits do owe an apology for defending and boosting the Bush administration’s ridiculous and illegal plans to liberate Iraq by bringing ruin and insecurity to a nation that had not posed any threat to the US or its allies.

Ignatieff might learn a thing or two about the common man by renting The Honeymooners on DVD. Robert Svedi had this to say about the appeal of this television classic:

“Another reason for The Honeymooners long shelf life is that the problems that the Kramden's and the Norton's faced some fifty years ago, are the same problems that still plague people today. Money shortages, being stuck in a dead-end job, housing and relationship issues and the desire to better one's condition are all things that are dealt with on a daily basis for most of the population every day. The Honeymooners allow us to laugh at ourselves while teaching us that the most valuable commodities are really love and friendship.”

Jackie Gleason’s bus driver has more insight into the human condition than this wannabe Prime Minister.

UPDATE: For the sake of political expediency, I thought I would bite my tongue on the LPC's coronation of Ignatieff as the de facto leader of the party. I've expressed my doubts that he would put his personal ambition aside to work for solutions for Canadians, including working within a coalition government should Harper fail to deliver anything but a just and effective budget. But his recent comments with respect to the brutal assault of Gaza by the IDF was just too much to remain silent. My fellow progressive bloggers have been raking Iggy over the coals and provide great insight as to why he is an utter disappointment. Some have suggested I repost this because it is just too damn easy to dismiss this latest pronouncement as just a gaffe when in fact, Ignatieff has been pretty consistent in his views.

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At 8:53 p.m., Blogger The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks for reposting this very valuable piece.

It's curious that Iggy is lashing the Liberal Party to Olmert's Israel just as Bush is bailing out.

Even the Washington Post is describing it as a failed adventure, a blunder of immense dimension and consequences to the US and everyone else in the Middle East.

At 9:08 p.m., Blogger Beijing York said...

An interesting observation MoS. In general, it seems like the Canadian corporate media is more invested in backing up Israel than the US at this point in history. I think that people in the US are so tired of decades of the pro-Israel lobby having so much influence (not to mention the billions of dollars that go to Israel) that they are far more jaded.

At 9:55 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iggy the Bloody is a good nickname - let the Liberals wear it.

At 9:14 a.m., Anonymous Bina said...

Every time I read one of his boring, windy, pompous screeds (very much against my better judgment), I'm struck by just how reluctant he really is to admit that he was wrong, and that the peons he slags were right. Iggy is the Fonz of intellectuals and politicians, only minus the cool. And certainly minus the humanity. If he ever issues a genuine mea culpa, I will genuinely fall off my chair in unfeigned surprise.

At 3:32 p.m., Blogger MilitantLiberal said...

Nice post. (and thankyou for your kind comment on my blog.) Iggy scares me even more than Harper because Harper is like a caricature. He is Mr Burns evil. Everyone can see it right away. Iggy is like a well breeded fox in the henhouse. A wolf in Liberal clothing. He is the enemy and he is on the inside. Much more dangerous than Harper. I found his "mea culpa" to be nothing more than a passive agressive swipe at his enemies. You summed up his insincerity nicely. Mos, who I think most of us would agree is smarter than the average bear is right again. Canada even more than the bad old USA has become the number one cheerleader of Isreali aggression.

At 3:50 p.m., Blogger Beijing York said...

Iggy is like a well breeded fox in the henhouse.

That describes him to a tee, Militant.

At 2:51 p.m., Blogger Mentarch said...

Thanks for this, BY.

At 2:26 a.m., Blogger aa said...



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